SURIS is a company whose objective from the very start has been to provide the facilities market with the widest range of services possible, across the construction, industrial, transport and energy sectors. Our company combines the human resources and the equipment capable of providing everything that the construction and engineering sector needs, across all types of projects.


In the year 1918, a family business dedicated to motor windings and electrical installations was founded in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona. The entrepreneurial spirit of the partners, Mr. Ramon Gasch and Mr. Albert Segarra, left its mark on the character of the company, which in 1985 became the public limited company SURIS S.A. The main objective was project development, the supply and installation of all types of electrical systems, not only industrial but also for construction, and to carry out electrical installations in hotels, office buildings and businesses etc.

In the eighties, the company enjoyed a period of significant growth, with a considerable number of staff and an important increase in their client portfolio. In the eighties, the company enjoyed a period of significant growth, with a considerable number of staff and an important increase in their client portfolio. Initially focussed on the electrical sector (lines, substations, lighting and installations), they soon broadened their activities to include telecommunications, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems, automation and management of industrial processes and energy efficiency.

SURIS is a company with an international calling. The headquarters are based in Barcelona but work with a comprehensive network of affiliated companies throughout the world. SURIS has largely focussed on working in Europe, Latin America and Africa and in different operational centres across the continents..

In summary, thanks to a long history of continued growth and diversification, SURIS – with one hundred years of history – has transformed itself into a business group that leads the industries in all of the sectors that they are active in.

The Company Philosophy


We are a leading company in the integrated services sector, constantly adapting to the demands of the market in order to satisfy the needs of our clients with the most innovative solutions, ensuring a unique, high-quality service based on our team of highly-experienced personnel and professionals, with the objective of promoting the evolution and wealth of our company.


We offer our clients the solutions that best meet their needs, by using the best technological resources available on the market and by ensuring a competitive, distinguished service characterised by the personal treatment, specialization, integrated options and the quality that our services guarantee, all upheld by the professional and corporate values shared by our workers.


  • Achieve a sustained growth of the company.
  • Improve the provision of our services and the quality of our work.
  • Improve the communication with our clients regarding the new areas of activity that the company is developing.
  • Provide our staff with ongoing training in order to improve the quality of their work and contribute to their personal and professional development.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Health and Safety - The prevention of occupational risks

SURIS has always taken a great interest in the prevention of occupational risks and the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace.

As a result of this, they committed to implementing and developing a “Prevention Plan” within the framework of the law relating to the “Prevention of Occupational Risks”.

This plan contains the requirements to integrate “Prevention” into the organisation and management of the company, which is to say that it is considered in conjunction with the activities and decisions, in the technical processes of the organization of the work, as well as at all levels of the hierarchical structure.

“Prevention” conceived as such, becomes the responsibility of EACH AND EVERY ONE of the workers in the company.

The company’s Management has always been committed to providing the resources necessary for the development of “The Prevention Plan” and to disseminating it to all of the personnel and encouraging them to comply with it.

And finally, by expressing their desire that all of the organization remains committed to following “The Plan”, collaborating with its implementation and assuming all of the corresponding responsibilities.


Sr. Albert Segarra

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Sr. Joan Griset

General Manager

Sr. Francesc Vila

Financial Manager

Sr. Juan Carlos Garrido

Director of Purchasing

Sr. Marcel Casenave

Commercial Director - Construction

Sr. Luis Gil Hernandez

Commercial Director – Industrial Business Development

Sr. Alejandro Guiral Collados

Director of Systems

Sr. Andrés Pedrosa

Director of Production

Sr. Jordi Calopa

Facility Services Manager

Sr. Francesc Tenas

Technical Director of Installations