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About Us

SURIS is a company whose objective from the very start has been to provide the facilities market with the widest range of services possible, across the construction, industrial, transport and energy sectors. Our company combines the human resources and the equipment capable of providing everything that the construction and engineering sector needs, across all types of projects.


We carry out EPC projects, from the initial conception of the project until it is up and running, all the way through to managing the operations and maintenance. Our multi-disciplinary teams work to provide the best technical solutions, guaranteeing optimum management throughout the life cycle of the project.


In SURIS we care about proximity and want to be closely involved in the projects that we are part of. For this reason, and to follow our policy of establishing ourselves abroad, we have set up permanent bases in four countries and carry out projects all over the rest of the world.


We have several certifications in different regions in order to provide the safest and most reliable service possible, including ISO, Aenor and government regulation certifications.