Quimidroga is a leading company in the commercialization and distribution of chemical products in the Iberian Peninsula. The chemical product storage and distribution terminal, located in the Port of Barcelona, has a capacity of 12,000 m3 in 141 tanks, with a total of 400 bulk references and 1100 for packaged product. It has fully automated tanker loading / offloading stations. A tray with 14 mixer tanks allows for the production of mixes of products by means of automated recipes


  • 25-kV reception and transformation centres with two 1000-kVA transformers
  • 3 diesel generators with 800 kVA of total power
  • General low-voltage distribution panels
  • Engine control centres
  • High-efficiency speed shifters for 150 pumps
  • Installation of trays and power cables for ATEX zones
  • Exterior lighting, tanks and tanker loading and auxiliary zones
  • Supply and assembly of electrical tracing for tanks and pipes
  • Recirculation and cleaning of mixer pipes and packers
  • Two tanks for the dissolution of solids


  • Supply and assembly of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and distribution panel
  • Supply and installation of the tank-level measuring system
  • Supply and installation of 21 bottom loading systems for trucks with scales, earthing, and operator terminal
  • ATEX Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
  • Installation of auxiliary instrumentation
  • Electrical tracing of tanks and pipes
  • Installation of trays and power control cables for ATEX zones
  • CCTV,  inter-communication and access control


  • Supply and installation of the control system with PLC and communications system
  • Exi intrinsic remote I/O safety stations
  • Development of the control software of the terminal, including tank levels, automatic loading / offloading of tankers, product pumps, and entry and exit scales
  • The bottom loading stations have scales to control the product loaded / offloaded
  • Development of product-mixing software by means of recipes
  • Integration of packing lines
  • Development of the SCADA supervision and operations software of the terminal
  • Development of the management software and interface with SAP
  • Remote technical assistance system

Category: Industrial | TANK STORAGE TERMINALS

Client: Quimidroga