In the facilities of Metropolitan Centre number 4 for Integrated Municipal Waste Management, a mechanical-biological processing of municipal waste originating from the Barcelona Metropolitan area and the South-East part of the district of la Anoia is being carried out.

Specifically, the entry of both remainder fraction and organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) in towns in the area to which reference has been made, during 365 days per year.

The capacity of the plant allows for an average of up to 300,000 tonnes per year of remainder fraction and up to 75,000 tonnes per year of OFMSW to be processed, with it being possible for a total of up to 400,000 tonnes per year to be processed.

The activity of Ecoparc 4 covered under this constructive project is performed in a space that may be zonified into the following areas of activity:

  • Access and control of entrances and exits
  • Cemetery for offloading and storage of waste
  • Classification and pre-processing of waste
  • Recuperation of paper by means of the DANO rotating drum
  • Biological processing: composting
  • Refining
  • Transfer of refuse


  • Schneider Citect Redundancy System
  • STADLER pre-processing technologist integration
  • SORAIN CECHINNI composting technologist integration and refining
  • KONE CRANES overhead-crane technologist integration
  • Water control system
  • Ventilation control system
  • AIRCLEAN air processing technologist integration
  • Electrical system integration (low and medium voltage)


Client: CESPA