In order to allow the complete sanitation of wastewater in the metropolitan area, a new plant was constructed in Mapocho for the company Aguas Andinas.

As a company specialised in integrated facilities services and with ample experience in water treatment processes, we collaborated in different areas of the project, both in the execution of the works and in the engineering (construction and detailed).

As the licensee for the integrated water cycle management of the Santiago basin area (70,000 hectares), AGUAS ANDINAS organised an international request for tenders for the realisation and running of a new wastewater treatment plant. EDAM LIMITADA, a company formed by “Aguas de Barcelona” and “Degremont”, both part of the SUEZ Group, submitted the winning bid and was awarded the contract.

The Mapocho Plant is one of the most technologically advanced plants in the world. The works were carried out in the hope that the percentage of wastewater treated would reach 100%, unlike previously when it is understood that 87% flowed into the river.

The relationship between our company and EDAM has been growing ever since our first collaboration.

Since the beginning we have been committed to continuous improvement throughout all of the phases of the project and the optimization of each due to our extensive experience, making our company an exemplary model for projects and works of great complexity.

Works Carried Out:

Installation of electrical systems and instruments. Sludge Treatment and Cogeneration.
HVAC, Climatization and Pressurization in the machine rooms
Fire detection, protection and extinction systems throughout the plant
Modification of the distribution enclosure
Land engineering

Installation of electrical systems and instruments. Sludge Treatment and Cogeneration.

Of all the phases of the wastewater purification process, sludge treatment is the most complex and the most important part of the treatment. Whilst treating the waste of the purification process, at times, enough energy is generated to completely run the plant, thereby achieving self-sufficiency.

Energy Generated: 8,100 kW
Power Transformer Installed: 26,000 kVA
Metres of cables: 132 Km


Client: Aguas Andinas