ROCA inaugurated an exhibition space in Barcelona destined to feature travelling exhibits (1,100 m2) and permanent exhibits belonging to Roca Sanitario (1,000 m2), in addition to the exhibition spaces there are also various multi-function rooms (400 m2) and the total surface area is 2,500 m2.

The facilities installed in the hall featured a spectacular 14cm thick glass façade, used as a projection screen to create images with approximately 500 LEDs which are beamed from the interior of the building.   

In the interior of the building there are ten interactive tables measuring 3 metres in length by 1 metre wide, comprised of 42” LCD tactile screens. Also worth mentioning, are two perimetre projection walls comprised of 140 40” LCD screens and a video-wall controlled by proximity sensors. The entire audio-visual project is controlled from a 45 m2 “rack-room” that houses 12 racks measuring 2,40 m high each.

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