The vivarium (Biotério) at the National Institute for Health

Suris SL Colombia, project managed and carried out the integrated facilities works for the vivarium at the National Institute for Health, using the EPCM formula, inside the UT with the Colombian construction company SAS and the engineering specialists Master SA.

Adapting the management project to meet the new needs of the client.

The management and coordination of the construction process incorporated all of the subsystems necessary for creating the vivarium, including medium and low voltage, HVAC, plumbing, steam production and distribution system, compressed air, all of the telecommunication subsystems and the vivarium’s BMS, integrating them all into one building management system.

The final part of the project for Suris SL Colombia, was to obtain accreditation for the vivarium from WORLD BIOHAZTEC USA, an organization that certifies the balance and adjustments of the HVAC (ventilation and air conditioning) subsystems.


Client: Instituto Nacional de la Salud