A propane supply terminal for the WAPA electric power plant in Saint Croiz and Saint Thomas (Virgin Islands)

Richmond Power Plant

Saint Croix
8 storage tanks
Total capacity 10,000 m3

Harley Power Plant

Saint Thomas
10 storage tanks
Total capacity 14,000 m3
The installations include facilities for discharging vessels, storage tanks, pump and compressor stations, gas and steam supply for turbines.


Project developed and carried out in compliance with the North American regulations (National Electric Code NEC and UL)
LV supply
Emergency diesel generator
MCC panels regulation UL981
Auxiliary MCC panels regulation UL508A
Installations and systems in areas at risk from explosion


Development and carrying out of the instrument installation project
TGS Tank Gauging System with a bus communication system that transmits radar and servo readings for each tank.
MOV Motor Operated Valves with a bus communication system.
FT Flow Transmitters to control the process and Custody Transfer
PT and TT process transmitters.
Gas detector systems using infrared open-path and infrared point sensors.


Project development and supply of the control system
Architecture of the system comprised of DCS, ESD and FF controllers
Development of software for the DCS including the discharge of vessels, monitoring of storage tanks, transfer and export pumps, gas compressors, steam control, gas overheating and monitoring of gas pressure and temperature supplied to the turbines.
Gas detection and maximum levels and pressure in the tanks in the ESD system for the emergency shut down.
Fire detection and extinction systems integrated into the EDS system.
Development of SCADA software for the supervision and operation of the terminal.
Remote technical support system

Category: Industrial | TANK STORAGE TERMINALS

Client: VTTS