ENTABAN Biodiesel Plant in A Coruña

This is a biodiesel production and storage plant located in the Port of El Ferrol, on a plot of 32,000 m2 and with a production of 200,000 tonnes /year The installations carried out include the biodiesel production plant as well as loading and offloading operations, both for vessels and trucks, both biofuel and chemical: ELECTRICITY […]


This is a terminal for storage and distribution of petrol products located in the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The storage capacity is 220,000 m3, distributed in 13 tanks with a range of capacities of 7500 m3 to 30,000 m3. The main activity of the terminal is bunkering, with it having a long, […]


This is a terminal for storage and distribution of petrol and biofuel products located in the Port of Barcelona. The storage capacity is 453,000 m3, distributed in 29 tanks with a range of capacities of 2000 m3 to 24,000 m3 located in inter-connected plots. It has 5 islets for the loading of tanker trucks, fully […]


A propane supply terminal for the WAPA electric power plant in Saint Croiz and Saint Thomas (Virgin Islands) Richmond Power Plant Saint Croix 8 storage tanks Total capacity 10,000 m3 Harley Power Plant Saint Thomas 10 storage tanks Total capacity 14,000 m3 The installations include facilities for discharging vessels, storage tanks, pump and compressor stations, […]


Stahl has expanded their factory in Toluca, a city situated approximately 60km from Mexico City. This new production unit manufactures adhesive chemical products for the food industry. We collaborated on the design and construction of the plant, carrying out the process engineering and the development of the P&ID diagrams. The specification, selection, supply and calibration […]


Stahl has built a new factory in Suzhou, a city situated approximately 100km to the west of Shanghai (China). This factory will produce products to be used in the treating and tanning of leather (acrylic resins, lacquers, pigments etc). We collaborated on the design and construction of the plant, carrying out the process engineering and […]


In order to allow the complete sanitation of wastewater in the metropolitan area, a new plant was constructed in Mapocho for the company Aguas Andinas. As a company specialised in integrated facilities services and with ample experience in water treatment processes, we collaborated in different areas of the project, both in the execution of the […]


The Fez-Saïs airport is an international airport situated to the west of the city, in the Saïs area, in the centre of Morocco. SURIS MOROCCO, via GIE OMETEC-SURIS carried out the following installations: LV and MV electrical installations, fire detection, sound systems, telephone networks, voice and data systems, CCTV, access control and the control and […]


Aigües Ter Llobregat inaugurated the Drinking Water Processing Station (DWPS) of Llobregat, a desalination plant that uses a reverse electrodialysis process (RED), to achieve an improvement in water quality. The flow treated is 4 m3/s. SURIS carried out the installations of low-voltage electricity, process instrumentation, distribution panels, engine control centres, pumping automation, chemical cleaning, remineralization, carbon filters […]


Quimidroga is a leading company in the commercialization and distribution of chemical products in the Iberian Peninsula. The chemical product storage and distribution terminal, located in the Port of Barcelona, has a capacity of 12,000 m3 in 141 tanks, with a total of 400 bulk references and 1100 for packaged product. It has fully automated […]